Through educational, cultural and engagement programs, the Committee for Yiddish, UJA Federation fosters and promotes Yiddish language and culture - indeed the entire Ashkenaz tradition - as a vibrant part of contemporary Jewish life and as a vital link between the Jewish past and future.

Committee for Yiddish

Yiddish in Toronto

Ashkenaz is a Festival of Yiddish culture

Friends of Yiddish
Friends of Yiddish is an organization that seeks to ensure the continuity and growth of Ashkenazi culture and the Yiddish language in which it is expressed. Since its founding in 1984, the group has sponsored a variety of cultural and literary programmes.

Workmen's Circle The Toronto Workmen's Circle is a 100 year old Toronto organization promoting social and economic justice, Jewish culture and the Yiddish language.

Toronto Jewish Film Festival sponsors films about and in Yiddish during their annual film festival and Chai Teas

The Ontario Jewish Archives has many documents in Yiddish in the collection.

The Koffler Centre of the Arts sponsors many programmes in the arts .

The Prosserman JCC and the Miles Nadal JCC sponsor programmes about Yiddish.

Yiddish Vinkl is a warm, cozy, heymish group of people who are interested in subjects related to the Yiddish language and culture. Our programs are conducted primarily in English. Knowledge of the Yiddish language is by no means necessary to have a great time!! Membership is free. We meet at the Free Times Cafe, where one can indulge in a delicious buffet lunch which includes Judy's delicious latkes and blintzes. It is a memorable time amongst friends new and old.