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Recent Committee for Yiddish Lectures & Co-Sponsored Events

Through educational, cultural and engagement programs, the Committee for Yiddish fosters and promotes Yiddish language and culture - indeed the entire Ashkenaz tradition - as a vibrant part of contemporary Jewish life and as a vital link between the Jewish past and future.


"Plagues in Yiddish Literature" with Dr. Miriam Trinh

"Over the Moon: From the shtetl to the City of Light, the True Colors of Marc Chagall in Eygens" with Chantal Ringuet.

"A Disenchanted Elijah: Conspiracy, Allegory, and the Crisis of East European Jewry in S. Ansky's Destruction of Galicia (1920)" with Professor Marc Caplan

"Giving Voice to Those Who Perished: The Legacy of the Yiddish Writer Debora Vogel" with Dr. Anastasiya Lyubas

"A Jewish Refugee in New York: A Novel by Kadya Molodovsky" with Professor Anita Norich


"Celebrating the Poetry of Simcha Simchovitch" with Gerry Kane and Cantor Sidney Ezer

"When Jesus Spoke Yiddish" with Professor Naomi Seidman

"The Holocaust in Soviet-Occupied Territory: New Discoveries" with Professor Anna Shternshis

"Whitechapel Noise: Sex, Politics and Religion on the streets of London's East End, 1884-1914" with Vivi Lachs

"Einstein's Theory of Relativity: The Lost Yiddish Version" with Jordan Chad

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"Plotting Yiddish Drama"

Digital Yiddish Theater Project: "Plotting Yiddish Drama"

Announcing a new initiative by the Digital Yiddish Theater Project: "Plotting Yiddish Drama," a searchable database of plot synopses of Yiddish plays. The database is planned to…Read more